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You Can Increase The Conversion Rate of Your Site With Stock Photos

Images aren’t there only to add visual appeal to your blog posts, but they can actually help your site’s conversion rate as well. People no longer just want to navigate the text on the website, they want to experience the website by watching all the visually appealing stock photos used on it nicely.

Unfortunately, many website owners are still unaware of the importance of photo in increasing the conversion rate of their website. Here are some facts and tips on how images can actually help your site rank better and enjoy a better conversion rate.

Emotions Do Play an Important Role

Many people are emotionally ready to make a purchase, they just need a trigger. So, all you have to do is to make them feel better, and they’ll make the purchase right away. Same is the case with choosing good photos for your site, people feel good when they see good and well taken photographs embedded in a blog post.

You can use the image to express and convey the emotions to your customers.

Use a Mascot

Using a unique mascot for your site can be a really interesting choice. A lot of websites these days are using mascots to brand themselves and get a lot of attraction from their potential customers. Mascots are effective because they are very memorable.

Add a Little Bit of Human Touch

Your main goal is definitely to optimize your site for humans, that is why using human faces on your site to convey emotions can be a great step.

This might be a small change, but it’ll affect your website positively to a great extent. For more tips, you can visit sites like which’ll provide you with all the relevant information.