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What Cleaner to Use When Pressure Washing a House

The exterior of your home is something that you should always strive towards maintaining because of the fact that it can play an outsized role in the value that your home would get to enjoy at the end of the day. No one wants to pay the big bucks for a home that looks dirty on the outside, even if the interior makes up for the filth that has accumulated on the walls. Hence, you would do well to pressure wash your house before you sell it due to the reason that this can make you eligible for far higher sale prices which can enable you to earn a tidy sum of profit.

Suffice it to say that pressure washing will be incomplete until and unless you use a cleaner that is up to the task at hand. We have found that most cleaners are not going to be able to give you the cleanliness that you can picture inside of your conscious mind because they are not designed for what you are attempting to do. A number of cleaners are also too harsh to be used like this and they can wear away at your walls particularly when the pressure starts being applied.

The best cleaner to use based on our experiences is a combination of degreasing solution, dish washing liquid as well as some granular laundry detergent which adds some abrasiveness that can prove vital in cleaning dirt that would not have been removed otherwise. This combination of cleaners has been optimized after years of experimentation so you don’t really need to think about what to add to it since it is already perfect.