Weight Lost Myths That Need to Be Debunked ASAP!

For a person looking out to lose weight, there are way too many facts on internet that might lead one off track or cause to believe something which is not true. Here’s busting some of the common internet weight lost myths.

Obesity Has Nothing to Do With Biology

For a person struggling to lose weight, it is really discouraging to tell them that their obesity is because of their lack of will power. It is important to guide a person that obesity might be because of their lifestyle, but sometimes genes also play their role. There are various conditions such as PCOS or hypothyroidism, dysfunction of certain hormones or biological pathways that may result in obesity and this has nothing do with a person’s will power.

Carbs Are Your Foe

The first advice most people receive while trying to lose weight is to get rid of carbohydrates from your diet which is basically something you shouldn’t. It is not true that carbs cause obesity in the first place, however, refined carbs such as sugar is linked to weight gain. On the contrary, intake of single ingredient carb-based foods or whole foods rich in carbs are actually beneficial in weight loss. Read more health articles at women daily magazine to learn more about weight loss.

Supplements Are What You Need

The supplement market has been claiming guaranteed weight loss for a long period of time, which by the way is nothing but a scam. The most weight loss supplements can do is to facilitate the loss of some pounds over a period of several months, which is not the desired result for the users.

Slow Metabolism Means Slow Weight Loss

This is true to some extent but not completely as there are few ways to boost metabolism such as regular exercise and intake of healthy food which speeds up weight loss.

Immediate Results Are Impossible

Whoever tells you a certain weight loss tip will result in faster weight loss, avoid them at all costs. The process of weight loss varies from person to person and the time period to reach the destination is not just a matter of days.