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Questions to Ask Before Sending Money Though Walmart

Walmart has stepped into the money transfer game. They’ve partnered up with the popular MoneyGram money transfer service to enable the residents of the US and Puerto Rico to send Walmart2Walmart money transfers, that can be collected at any Walmart outlet in these two countries, or at any of the other 350,000 MoneyGram outlets present around the world.

What is The Best Way to Send Money?

Walmart provides its customers with a wide range of payment options, and also the luxury of choosing between mobile app money transfer and transfer through an agent. But beware! As the fees for different types of transfers and the exchange rates might vary, so, always double check the transfer request and know about the fees before hitting the send button.

How Much Will It Cost?

For Walmart2Walmart money transfers, fees is maximum $9.50 for the amounts between $51 and $900. And a mere $4.50 for money transfers up to $50. But for the international money transfers, you’ll be charges more money, additionally, you’ll also pay in terms of the currency conversion fee. So, it is a wise option to always confirm the fees before sending the money.

Since Walmart relies on MoneyGram from international transfers, the follow the MoneyGram’s 5% exchange fee rule. This fees keeps changing and you should always keep it in mind when sending money.

Are There Any Transfer Limits?

For the online money transfers, Walmart gives you as limit of $2,500 per transfer, and you cam only send $6,000 per 30 calendar days. However, you can get this limit increased by visiting a local Walmart store or by getting in touch with a MoneyGram agent.

In addition to the convenience of sending and receiving the money, you can also use walmart to walmart tracking service to conveniently know the status of your money transfers.