Maintaining a Positive Image as a Financial Advisor

Working as a financial advisor is definitely a high-risk yet high payoff situation. If you can get people to trust you enough to make certain investments and financial decisions, and they pay off, then you earn a loyal customer, a commission, and a likelihood of getting more customers in as word of mouth goes around. At the same time, if you end up making a few mistakes, or if you are in a situation where you are dealing with baseless complaints from customers, then it can affect people’s view of you, and once that becomes distorted, it can be difficult to fix it, which is why it is really important to work on building your image.

Working as a financial advisor involves having to look through stocks, market trends, and whatnot, but it also involves having good interpersonal and communication skills. If clients do not feel comfortable with you, then they will have trouble trusting you, especially if you recommend some potentially risky or serious investments. You have to work on building a relationship with each client, regardless of whether they are only a one-time client or a regular client. You have to make your clients feel safe around you, and this needs to be visible in your choice of words and especially your body language. They need to feel like you genuinely want the best for them. Making small talk, light jokes, remembering previous conversations, citing previous concerns the client may have mentioned in the past, and so on, can all help a client feel like they can trust you, and once they have a good impression of you, they are likely to trust you more and are also likely to talk about you in their social and work circles, which can potentially mean more clients for you as well.