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How You Can Boost Your Win/Loss Ratio as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Before a potential client ends up hiring you as their personal injury lawyer, they would very likely want you to tell them how many cases you have won and how many you have lost. Even if you have won a lot of cases, if you have lost quite a few as well this really wouldn’t make much of a difference. What a client truly wants is someone that wins a majority of their cases, and until and unless you manage to do this you simply won’t be able to find a steady list of clients who would be willing to pay your fees.

As a lawyer that is just starting out, optimizing your win/loss ratio can be difficult. A bad ratio means that potential clients would probably for some of the other attorneys for personal injury near Chicago who might have a better record. This can be terrible for your business as well as for your morale, and trying to fix this issue is definitely something that you should work on. Luckily, there are a few ways in which you can boost this ratio in your favor.

The first thing that you should do here is take up several cases that you feel might be easy to win. Try to do at least a dozen easy cases and try your best to win all of them. Even if you win ten out of the twelve, this will give you a decent enough ratio to get started. Once you have won ten out of the previous twelve cases you have taken, you can start taking riskier cases as well since this can boost your profile and get you more clients.