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How to Increase The Security of a Wired Internet Connection

Usually, we focus on our wifi connection when it comes to making sure the security of our internet connection. That’s because wifi doesn’t have any physicals defense to protect itself from hackers. Hackers can easily detect and attack your wifi network to fulfill their shady purposes.

But your should never forget wired connections. Thanks to social engineering, hackers can now get physical access to the wired connections of companies as well. So, you should also make sure that the wired portion of your network is also secured. This also applied if you’ve used a wifi to ethernet bridge for some purpose.

Keep Everything Updated

You should do some hard work and see if any of your network infrastructure components need updates. You should also change all the default passwords. In short, you should revisit all of your network components to see if there are any loopholes before starting to use the network.

You should also inspect all the devices and computers connected to the network. Every personal firewall should be active, and all the drivers must be updated. Anti-virus software should also be installed to make sure the threats are detected and mitigated over time.

Use Physical Security

In addition to all the updates, you will also need physical security to keep the network secure. Having some sort of physical security keeps you safe from any local threats.

If there’s no or insufficient security available for your network, any hacker or employee can take its advantage. For example, they can use a wireless modem with your ethernet cable to give anyone in the surrounding access to your network.

You should therefore make a good security plan for your building to prevent any stranger from coming inside. This is crucial to make sure that your ethernet connections stay safe.