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How to Help Your Shy And Scaredy Dog

Fogs are more like humans when it comes to having different emotions. So, your dog might be scared of a lot of different things de to his bad experience or in the case he was not handled carefully and appropriately by the last owner.

So, here are some things to try if you have a fearful Scaredy dog.

Know What Scares Him

Just like us humans, dog are scared of some specific things and not everything. So, the next time you take your dog out for walk, see what scares him. It might be children, toys, tall people, loud people and so on. You can notice the fear easily when your dog starts to exhibit its symptoms. Here are some signs to help you know when your dog is scared.

  • They’ll start to bark aggressively or growl against the person or thing that makes them scared.
  • They’ll piss themselves.
  • They might bite the person or thing that makes them nervous.
  • They might get too scared and would hide behind you.

What to Do?

When your dig gets angry or scared, the first thing you have to do is to take him out of that situation. After doing this, you can bring your dog back to normal activity by cuddling him and engaging with him in a positive way.

If you know the situation that makes your dog scared, you can set up the same situation in a way that is really beneficial for your dog and will help him get out of the fear.

What Not to Do?

Here are the things that you should never try to do when your dog is nervous.

  • Don’t keep him in situation for a long period of time to let him know that it’s okay.
  • Don’t try to force him out of the situation, but handle him gently.