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How to Freshen Carpet While Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes that someone or the other might make when they are attempting to slowly but surely move their carpet towards a state of perfection is to only focus on one of the things that are necessary in the attainment of that end goal. People usually tend to devote their mental faculties to carpet cleaning, all the while not realizing that this is only half of what they need to be working on at this current point in time.

Finding a steam cleaner rental service and using the equipment they give you can most definitely give you a wonderfully pristine rug from a cleanliness point of view, but suffice it to say that your rug would not be all that soft once you are done removing dirt form it. As a result of the fact that this is the case, you should also try to handle the second half of this process, namely freshening the carpet up and making it as soft as your heart desires. The most effective way to do this without a shadow of a doubt is to use a combination of fabric softener and carpet cleaning shampoo.

Both of these things can be applied to the carpet about thirty minutes before you run the steam cleaner across every square inch of it. Leaving them to dry on the carpet helps them get immersed deeply into each frond of the rug fibers, and when you use the steam cleaner they will get washed out thereby only leaving behind the freshness and fragrance that you were looking for. This is a technique that you will keep coming back to once you try it out.