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How And When Symmetric Encryption is Used?

Believe it or not, symmetric encryption is being used to encrypt almost everything you do online. This is the system which makes it possible for you to securely make online transactions and buy groceries.

However, in order to learn more about symmetric encryption, you must understand how it works.

Symmetric Encryption

In symmetric encryption, a single key is used to encrypt and decrypt data at both ends of the exchange. In the case of this encryption, both you and the receiver keep a copy of a secret key which is not accessible to anyone else. This key is used to keep the data secure between you and the receiver.

Here is how Symmetric encryption works in a nutshell.

  • When you are ready to send the message, a private key is used to encrypt the data before sending.
  • The data being sent to the receiver is scrambled into unrecognizable parts to make it secure.
  • On the other hand, the receiver uses his version of the secret key to decrypt the data and view the contents of the message.

Whenever the key being used for encryption and decryption is the same, the type of encryption is symmetric encryption. Since the key needs to be kept secret, it is also called secret key encryption or symmetric cryptography.

One of the major reasons why IZpSymmetric encryption is being used everywhere, is because it secures your data perfectly without adding unnecessary complexity in the process. On the other hand, other encryption techniques, like asymmetric encryption are very complex, and can even slow down the data transmission process.

The best use case for symmetric encryption is when you need to encrypt your own data without sharing it with anyone else. If anyone gets access to your security, they can get access to both ends of the message, and can ruin everything.