How a Bracelet Can Tell You All About Your Menstrual Cycle

Have you ever used your period checking the app and wondered how your life would’ve been if you were born in a time where you had only a calendar and a marker to help you monitor your menstrual cycles? These days we have an app for anything, even keeping track of our menstrual cycles and better understanding them. These period tracking apps are very useful but at the end of the day, their accuracy is limited and whatever they tell you is guesswork, based off of the input you give them.

If you want to monitor your menstrual cycles even more closely and want real-time information from your body itself, then the Ava Fertility Tracking bracelet is what you need. You need to only wear this bracelet at night before you sleep and connect it to your phone. It will collect the physiological data it needs to determine what’s up with your body and how it’s affecting your menstrual cycle. You can tell what part of your cycle you’re on and adjust accordingly.

If you’re looking to start a family and are having trouble conceiving thus far, then you’re probably starting to worry about you ever being able to have a child. This kind of pregnancy anxiety is pretty common so don’t worry about it too much. Chances are that it’s not you or your partner who’s to blame, maybe you just don’t know when you’re actually ovulating. You can count on this fertility tracking bracelet to let you know when your ovulation starts.

This way, you’ll know where the fertility window is if you’re looking to conceive and if you aren’t, you’ll know the danger days when to be safe. Click here to learn more about how this bracelet works.