Here Are The Best Peony Tulips You Should Grow

For those who do not know, the peony tulips happen to have a very great looking bloom that looks a lot like peonies. These flowers are some of the latest variants of tulips and normally open somewhere in late April and May.

Aside from just looking amazing, these flowers happen to be great at being cut flowers. If you are looking to grow tulips for displaying them indoor, simply snip the blooms just before they open, and make sure that they are not placed in the same vessel as the daffodils. The simplest reason is that daffodils release a substance in the water that ends up inhibiting the tulips.

With that out of the way, below, you will find some of the best peony tulips that you should grow.

Tulipa Danceline

Tulipa Danceline is one of the most beautiful looking flowers you can lay your eyes on them. The petals have a creamy shade to it and the tips are marked with raspberry color. You can grow this flower alongside some others to create a great combination of colors.

Tulipa Orange Princess

As the name suggests, these flowers carry a sunset tone that is filled with shades of orange, as well as purple. Orange Princess happens to be a great flower that you should grow in spring, and it will most certainly make your garden look a lot better and bursting with color.

Tulipa Monsella

For anyone who is in search of a bi-colored flower, then the Monsella is just what you should be going for. The bright yellow flowers with orange accents just look amazing.

Tulipa Ice Cream

This is a rather unusual tulip. The main part is creamy white, but the layer is usually made up of deep pink outer petals that reveal the beautiful center of white petals. It almost looks like a dollop of ice crea and happens to be an excellent cut flower as well.

Tulipa Chato

Tulip Chato is definitely one of my favorite forms of tulip all thanks to the way it looks. It is a gorgeous looking, fuchsia colored flower, and there is some amazing looking green veining that can be found in the center of every single petal as well. It opens early in March and April.

Tulipa Uncle Tom

A rather odd name for a flower, the Uncle Tom comes with a very gorgeous, deep red bloom that fades to purple as the flower matures. You can pretty much plant them anywhere you want, and they look amazing nonetheless.

Tulipa Sunlover

Sunlover goes a rather surprising change as it matures. The flower starts with orange-red, and turns to golden yellow. Tulipa Sunlover also happens to be a great cut flower.

Tulipa Verona

The last one we have is Tulipa Verona; it happens to carry a subtle fragrance, opens up with the color of creamy yellow tulips that is complemented with green. It opens earlier than most of the other tulips as well.