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Expert Tips For Proper Chainsaw Maintenance

If your chainsaw keeps working properly, it can prove to be a wonderful tool for various purposes. Therefore, you should provide your chainsaw with proper maintenance if you want to keep it working in the long run.

So, let’s go over a few chainsaw maintenance tips. Visit for more chainsaw maintenance tips.

The Chain Must Remain Sharp

If the chain of your chainsaw is not sharp, you won’t be able to cut through different materials easily. So, if you notice that the chain of your chainsaw is losing its sharpness, it might be time to visit a professional who will sharpen the chain and make it useful once again. Usually, getting your chainsaw sharpened by a professional costs less than $10.

In addition to taking the chain to operational, you can also do all the sharpening process by yourself if you have proper experience.

Use Proper Tension

If you tighten your chin too much, it might stall the chainsaw. The chain of your chainsaw can also overheat because of this.

So, use proper tension on your chin to keep your chainsaw working properly. The chain shouldn’t either be too tight nor too loose.

Install The New Chain Properly

When you are about to install a new chain on your chainsaw, you should first dip it in oil to break it in. After dipping it in the oil for some time, take it out and hang it on a nail to let the excess oil drip out.

Now, tension the chain properly and install it on your chainsaw. After installing, run the chainsaw for some time to warm up the chain and prepare it for regular use.

After installing your new chain, do some heavy duty work like cutting wood for around 30 minutes, and your chain will be ready to be used for any purpose.