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Avoid These Mistakes in Carpet Cleaning

If you clean your carpets regularly with the help of vacuuming, they might keep looking and smelling good for a long time. However, the gradual buildup of dust and grime in your carpets will eventually need to be treated by a professional cleaner.

While hiring a Baytown carpet cleaner is always recommended, you can still try DIY cleaning methods if you have inexpensive carpets, or the dust buildup is not considerable.

Using Too Much Water

Using too much water is not only bad for the environment, but also for your carpet in this case. Since carpets are made from soft and fluffy materials, they can easily absorb lots of water if you keep using it without control.

Not only can this lead to discoloration of your carpet, it might also require lots of drying time as well. If you fit an improperly dried carpet in your house, it might start building mold.

Using The Wrong Chemicals

As a homeowner who has invested lots of money in carpets, you should also know the exact material your carpets are made out of, and the right type of cleaning materials you will need to clean your carpets properly.

That is because using the wrong cleaning chemicals on your carpets can have drastic consequences. Keep in mind that synthetic and natural fibers differ in their composition, and require different types of cleaning materials as well.

Not Testing Your Chemicals Beforehand

Before you use any new chemicals to clean your carpets, you should do a sport test. As far test is when you apply a small amount of your cleaning chemical in a corner of your carpet to see whether it actually works or not.

The sport test can also help you identify any damage your cleaning chemical might do to the carpet.