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Asphalt Shingles For Your Roof

If you are in the market for a new roof, or if you are currently considering repairing/replacing your old roof, you will find a variety of options to choose from, however, if we are looking at this in terms of popularity, then asphalt shingles are your answer. Asphalt roof shingles are a very popular choice of roofing materials amongst residential property owners throughout the country. If you are interested in knowing more about other types of materials that can be used as shingles, then you can read Shingle Roofing: The Popular Option, for that. However, if you are solely interested in asphalt shingles, then this article is for you.

There are three types of asphalt shingles, and these include:

  • 3-Tab Shingles – These shingles are a mixture of fiberglass and mineral granules. You will find them horizontally shaped with a bit of a notch around the surface layer. This type of asphalt shingle is durable, and can last you around 20 years and over, however, its biggest disadvantage comes in its appearance. 3-tab shingles are not as decorative, and they lack an aesthetic appeal, however, they are cheaper and get the job done.
  • Dimensional Shingles – Dimensional shingles are known for being more aesthetically pleasing to look at. Plus, they are also very durable, so they will last you anywhere around 30 years and over. However, they are a more expensive option.
  • Premium Shingles – Premium shingles, also known as luxury shingles are designed to mimic the appearance of wooden slate or shake. So, they are able to make your house look really elegant and more expensive than it actually is. These shingles are heavier in weight, and extra weight is an advantage for people who live in areas that are vulnerable to tornadoes, etc. However, they are a lot more pricey when compared to the other two options.