Are School Pictures Necessary?

During the high school senior year, students are allowed to take the liberty and be creative in expressing their own personality and their unique style sense. They are allowed to create articles and quotes to be part of the yearbook. They have the option to select the themes for their prom and to dress up accordingly for their special day. Additionally, schools often arrange for a formal photoshoot by hiring a professional portrait photographer to capture the goodlooks of their bright grad students.

While most of the students look forward to their formal portrait shoots, to have their best picture preserved for a lifetime, some opt out of this and consider it a waste. They do not consider the ‘professional’ photographer to be worth their time and money and decide to go for their own creative initiatives.

Often times, we come across cheesy photos from school and they are often credited to these ‘artists’ who think that taking a picture is nothing but pressing the little red/black button! Most of the pictures are straight out hilarious and have no sense of aesthetics and eye-candy. Other than these maestros, we also have the usual whacky goofballs who also make us smile when we look at their hairdos and explicit fashion sense. Yes, some cheesy pictures do make us cringe, but they also make us laugh and remember the good old days. It’s always best to have some form of connection to the glory days of high school, whether it be in form of letters, memoirs, diaries, souvenirs or photos.

During our lives, at some point we all feel the need to stop and look back at what life has given or taken away from us. Pictures, serve as a conduit, a link to our yester years that help us relive the ups and downs of journey.