3 Columbian Students Killed in Honduras Bus Crash

In 2016, a large group of Columbian university students set off for Latin America alongside Global Brigades, a nonprofit organization working for human development. These students spent some quality time doing humanitarian work, distributing medicines and meeting with some doctors on their visit.

After they were done with their work, students rode in a bus to reach the Tegucigalpa airport. On the way to the airport, their bus rolled back from a steep incline, and the accident killed 3 students while injuring the others.

  • The president of the Columbia University later said that the loss of students was a great loss for the university as the students were spending their time doing humanitarian work, and helping those in need.

While the actual cause of the accident was never discovered, it is believed that a mechanical failure on the bus might’ve caused the unfortunate Columbia university bus accident.

Global Brigades Issued a Statement

Later on, Global Brigades issued a statement that they were trying their best to provide medical support to the injured students, and were preparing to fly them back home to the US.

The organization also sent an email to the parents of the students, in which they mentioned that there were a total of 28 students and 3 medical professionals on the bus. They also repeated that the cause of the accident was still unclear, however, a mechanical failure might’ve caused the accident.

Columbia also sent a medical expert along with his team to take care of the injured students. Other students who weren’t badly injured were in the process of flying back to their country.

The news of their children being killed in a bus accident was shocking for the parents of the 3 deceased students. The parents asked for privacy, and requested that a thorough investigation must be done to uncover the actual cause of the accident.